Koushaku Reijou no Tashinami


  1. Thank you thank you very much for translating this. I enjoyed reading your chapter. It had an even flow to it that made it a pleasure to read.

    I look forward to your future releases time allowing as I am sure that you have other demands on it.


  2. Thank you so much for continuing this series!! Ugh, I only wish it were coming faster. I’m absolutely addicted!

    I don’t get why there aren’t more groups/TLs doing this one. It’s highly rated on NU, (4.7 / 5.0, 480 votes), yet we’re nowhere near catching up to the 149 WN Chapters (Ongoing) from the RAW. Boo… Sorry, not badmouthing you or anything; just generally complaining at the lack of more CSOADD chapters and why TL’ers are not working together on this, instead of a lot of other crappy WNs. 😥

    Thanks for the chapters! Please some more!

    – CSOADDict


  3. Many thanks to you for translating this!~ just remember that your work makes the day of a whole lot of others and we really appreciate u as a translator and of course the author and illustrator who made this amazing story. :3


  4. Hello, I am a fellow translator and I am asking if I can have this series, I have dropped a series I am translating and would like to do this one, I love this series and am fluent japanese speaker, but bad at english like you with the help of my editors I can make this series for you as well faster releases and for entertaining Please comment back your decision to me or send me an email at fromthesun2139@gmail.com
    I assure you that I will be able to release at least two chapter of this a week

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    1. It would be really nice if you teamed up together 😭❤️ We are all grateful for you hard work ! Please continue and dont give up ! Remember we are readers are always cheering and will always support you and will be waiting everyday for the update so dint give ip easily and update ❤️


  5. Thanks for picking this up! I just started reading this series a couple of days ago through the previous translations and am finally up to the content on your site. 😀

    A quick question though – it was noted on one of the previous translations that volume 1 was made up of chapters 1-31 and volume 2 was made up of chapters 32-50. Do you know what chapters make up volumes 3 and 4?


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