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Duke Daughter 73: Report x Secret Maneuver 2

“The report… All I can say is, that girl is scary. I’m seriously shaking in my boots here.” (Milo)

I sighed at Milo’s words and thought little of them.

“What makes you think that?” (Dean)

“Well, you know that the son of the Pope hasn’t been charged with anything yet, right? He’s still in the line of succession to become the next Pope.” (Milo)

“That may change in light of this incident. Those in line to become the Pope are required to enter the academy, study the world, and gain allies among the nobles and royalty of this country. After graduation, they enter the Church and train diligently to become the future Pope. But, now, since the head of the house has been forcibly removed from his position in the midst of the successor’s training, there has been some concern over the possibility that leaving the position vacant for too long may be detrimental to this country and the Church. In response, they have been pushing for a new person to take the over the Pope’s position and that the individual should be from a different house, given the degree of shame the current one has amassed.” (Ludy)

Milo nodded his head at the information Ludy presented.

In essence, Ludy was saying that the possibility of Van becoming the next Pope was very low.

“Exactly. Exactly. So, when that son went to her like he usually does, she responded with, ‘Do you need something?’ as if she didn’t even know him. I know she has been going in and out of many fiefs, but I never thought she would abandon the Pope’s family as soon as they became useless.” (Milo)
Although he said it with a smile, I felt faint hostility in his voice.

“Even though it is too early to know whether or not he’ll become the pope, she cut him off as soon as she felt he was useless. Well, I guess this is the appropriate attitude to have if you are aiming for the top…” (Milo)

“What’s that now? Do not tell me you have fallen for that Baron’s daughter.” (Dean)

“Come on. She isn’t that appealing. Also, I already have a master. I’m not the type of guy to cheat on others.” (Milo)

“So, are you done with your report, or is there something else you’d like to add?” (Dean)

When I posed this question, Milo’s expression suddenly turned stern.

“They have surrounded that girl with rats. What do you want me to do?” (Milo)

“Are they guards? Or…?” (Ludy)

“I think they may be both; some for defending her and others who are acting suspiciously…” (Milo)

“Have the people around her changed or said anything of note?” (Dean)

“No. None of her entourage have said anything of concern. They also have yet to notice her tendency of abandoning things she deems useless. Though, the Duke’s and knight captain’s sons have both started to distance themselves from her.” (Milo)

“Hmm… Even Dorsen?” (Dean)

“Yeah. It is a good thing. I mean, if he continued to remain by her side like that, we would have had to eliminate him too.” (Milo)

“Well, getting rid of one knight would not necessarily impact the country, so there would be no problems whether or not he stays or leaves.” (Ludy)

Ludy’s words were pointed. As expected of a person with a military general for his grandfather. He thinks along those lines, huh? An opinion based solely on merit and results.

“Ludy, you’re pretty scary too.” (Milo)

“Really. I would think it to be the natural conclusion.” (Ludy)

At his retort, Milo simply smiled as he normally did.

“Oh. Also, that maid from the daughter of the Duke is snooping around as usual.” (Milo)

“You mean, Tanya?” (Dean)

“Yes. I think that person is an excellent spy. I would like for her to work with us if possible.” (Milo)

If Milo says it, that means her ability is real. I would also like for her to join our cause…

“It would be impossible for her to leave Iris and join us instead. I think it would require moving heaven and earth in order for her to ever leave Iris.” (Ludy)

Regrettably, I have to agree with that.

“If I had met her before you, I would probably also be helping Iris.” (Milo)

“The only reason you were ever able to see Tanya was because her master is Iris. She would have otherwise never stepped into your line of work.” (Ludy)

“True. How sad. Truly sad.” (Milo)

“So, is there anything else I should know concerning the Baron girl’s actions?” (Dean)

“She has met with the merchant named Divian about two or three times a month. The contents of their meetings were nothing worth noting; they were usually something to the effect of, “How is life?” or “How are things going with the Prince?”. They were basically trivial conversations concerning daily life.” (Milo)

“Her relationship with the Prince is definitely an important concern for them. If Divian keeps asking these questions, then it’s likely they want to use the daughter to capture the second prince and make him do their bidding.” (Ludy)

“Well, I am pretty sure they are wary of you, Master… Or, maybe, they’re treating her as a pawn they can discard as it becomes convenient?” (Milo)

Milo tried to respond do Ludy’s thoughts. Ludy, however, did not seem convinced and knit his eyebrows.

“A piece they can discard… Well, I am fairly certain that is the case. Also, they have gotten a taste of how they can control the course of events over the past few months.” (Dean)

“A taste, huh?” (Ludy)

“Also, even if my little brother were to ascend to the throne as they planned, they will still have one major enemy to deal with: Louis Lana Armelia, the prime minister of this kingdom. He has a solid foundation in politics, a wealthy fief, and holds power equal to that of the King. Thus, even if they do happen to use my stupid brother, they will be unable to do anything flashy, else they get sniffed out and hanged by him. It is better to use nobles and rob the kingdom of its strength before striking.” (Dean)

“Hmm… I guess they do not wish to rule, but instead aim to gain territory in this country… But why?” (Milo)

“This kingdom’s fertile land is highly desirable. We have received reports from Irene that their harvests have been poor in recent years.” (Ludy)

Irene is a shadow like Milo. She is currently with Baron Mabaras Messi at the country border and acts as a liaison between me and him. She is also a spy for us in the country of Towair.

She has said that Towair has been in poor condition, and, apparently, this year has been especially bad. The country experiences a near-perpetual winter, making the land dry and infertile. Also, since they lost the war against us, they had many resources taken from them. Basically, they are desperate enough to strike at a much more powerful country, such as ours.

For them to be so impatient must mean that they think us vulnerable enough to succumb to their efforts.

“Well, please don’t worry. I will investigate more; it is my job… But I think I will rest a bit first.” (Milo)

“Is your report finished?” (Ludy)

“Yes. I do have a few other minor things that I will bring to your attention later.” (Milo)

“I understand. I will be counting on you in the future.” (Dean)

“Understood.” (Milo)

He answered with a serious face and left in the same fashion in which he came: without a sound.





  1. I’m under the impression that, like Iris, she’s from the other world as well… or someone is playing a “Sequel” to the old game, and like Iris, is stuck in it.

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    1. Oh! The former is a fantastic theory! To the latter, I move away because Iris’s ability to act seems to be related to her own thought patterns and if Yuri is another player, she’s definitely playing on an uneven battle ground, unless she too possesses an outstanding knowledge of economics and their impact on societal structures.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Hmmm, based on the report Milo gave, it seems that she is being controlled by that merchant from Towair through the “advices” he must be giving her, based on how their kind of conversations must go..
        Then, it s highly likely that she is as retarded as she appears to be, and all her clever moves had been nothing more than the result of his suggestions..

        Liked by 4 people

    2. OMG I have been thinking for the same thing!
      For Iris it has been only 2 years while in the “real world” it already has been 10 years
      (They are celebrating this game anniversary)
      Well that must be sad for the one who played Iris 😥


  2. I wonder why Alfred doesn’t lean into his connect with Iris (the professional, not the personal), one would think with what he’s trying to attain he would see having her as an aware ally would be rather beneficial. It reminds me of what Ludy was saying earlier about not letting personal feelings impact his ability to make sound decisions. If he has concerns of involving her in this mess for personal reasons I can see why he would abstain from divulging any information to her.

    Either way I ship Iris with happiness, if that includes Alfred then I’m floored. I worry about her taking on the burden of the world alone, even if she does share it with others, mentally she blocks others which as we’ve seen is unhealthy. ;—; Having someone you can trust fully on an emotional level is mad important, but…Alfred is a prince who does this for her, but also removes her from the quiet future her heart wishes to lean into. x___x I’m so torn. >__> Yet if she really hopes to build a world where her those who govern work by and with the people, being queen may be the sole path she can take with current circumstances…oh wow, I just wrote two paragraphs and I’m rambling.

    Ah!! Thank you for updating, I started reading this story last week and went from chapter one to seventy-three in a single day. There’s so much going on and I love that we’re getting Dean’s perspective on the happenings in this world. Quite a few pieces are missing from the overall puzzle and I can’t help but anticipate what will happen next. Again, thank you for all your hard work!

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    1. alfred has also mentioned that he didnt want to pull iris into the struggle for the crown and anything related to the royal family because he cares for her that much ❤ But we all know whats going to happen 😉


      1. He’s not gonna pull her in, the Second Prince’s group will. And then, like Admiral Yamamoto in “Tora! Tora! Tora!” They will learn what it means “to awaken a sleeping giant and fill her[sic] with a terrible resolve”.


  3. Alfred doesnt want to get closer to her politically because the Prime Minister’s house is already too powerful. Getting close would make that Duke house an unofficial ruling house.

    Of course, this being a novel setting, that means calculations like that are useless once events push the kingdom apart. Either civil war, or foreign invasion.


    1. Ah, that’s definitely a good point as well. At first I thought that would be beneficial to him and Iris if that had offspring, but if a branch member of Iris’s family were to aim for the crown that would be just another problem for Alfred.


  4. Thanks you for this chapter Reika-sama and Rin-sama 😉
    Finally we can see the true face of this girl (Yuri),
    Tanya is so devoted to Iris..what perfect maid she is.
    Seriously Dean already have to battle for the crown and in same time for the country against enemy kingdom ! So amirable he is as prince! Worthy to be the next king. Do you think ?

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  5. Thanks for the chapter!! 😄😄
    I can’t help but feel that Berne and Dorsen nearly dodged bullets. Just thinking of what might have happened to them if they hadn’t been forced to wake up by heir families…. they might already be on Alfred’s execution list….
    Also, am I the only one thinking that maybe Ludy’s reasons for saying killing Dorsen was okay is it’d bit more personal than he admits to? 😝

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  6. Thanks for the update! As expected, Towair is the greater threat that much of the country is turning a blind eye to because of internal politics and infighting. I wouldn’t be surprised if they were major backers of the second prince’s faction even beyond their connections with Yuri.


  7. Tanya only belongs to our beloved heroine (previous villain) so if you want to get her on your side you better bring Iris with you because no one is fit to be her master other than Iris. But really I would so hate it if Yuri is also like Iris because its so unfair for her to be the only one recieving the luxuries of being the good girl both outside the game and in the game while Iris has to recieve all the insults and to add on she also got exiled from her school so now using her knowledge she has to make an impression in order not to bring more shame in her family.

    Thanks for the amazing chapter and Happy Easter Day

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  8. Holyyy crap! Yuri abandoned him! That was honestly karma in the making. First, the brother, then the knight, and now the pope’s child. All’s left is the 2nd Prince, right? The plot is seriously moving forward! I’m excited! Thank you for the chapter!

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  9. Reika-sama and Rin-sama thank youuuuu guys for this update!! Been waiting for this for daaaays😭 And lol. The whole seriousness and then the mention of Tanya not leaving Iris’ side was hilarious though I feel a foreboding thing is gonna happen cause of Irene to my bias ship. DeanxIris😆


  10. Cold, arid, infertile. I grew up on a farm and there’s got to be something… Like how the introduction of the potato into Europe protected the countries at adopted it like Germany from the famine when the grains failed in the late 1700s that led to the French revolution…


  11. Thanks for the chapter! Does anyone think the other guy on the cover might be from the other kingdom (I really wanna know who he is!)? Either way, the conversation is super interesting- I hope they don’t devote themselves fully to it without further evidence, however. On the other hand, it does give insight to turning it around back on them (none of which can be established so long as Evil Queen and Stupid Son are powerhouses).


    1. Hrmm… I kinda doubt the guy sitting on the couch with Iris is from Towair. They just mentioned Towair has perpetual winter, while that guy’s outfit looks like it is for a desert climate? My guess is a trading partner to the south. (holy cow, though, if it is tundra to the north and desert to the south, I can see how their country is so appealing!)
      Thanks for the chapter guys! Tanya is best maid ❤


  12. Thank you thank you for the chapter!
    Ah, I can’t wait to see when Dean and Iris finally work together. They’re both brilliant and powerful on their own but if they work together it sure would be scary amazing!


  13. Thought: could it be possible that Yuri was acting so cold to the Pope’s son because the Pope’s son’s family was exposed as fraudulent and stealing millions from orphans?

    I mean, I’d be rude to a friend who turned out to make a living by stealing candy from babies too and abusing nuns too….


    1. Yuri (through the idiot mother and son) is draining the treasury with gusto that screams ‘ill intent’, even though the law doesn’t technically allow it. She’s not a hair better as the Pope.

      But seriously. Assuming Yuri was the authentic super-airhead she portrays to be, would she:
      A) Not even think about Van being related to a criminal, treating him as just himself.
      B) Confront Van about the Pope’s crimes against the poor.
      C) Cut all ties instantly.
      D) Fail to realize what the Pope did to be imprisoned and act confused.
      E) Somehow not register the entire commotion and go about her bubbly life as usual.

      I dunno, C doesn’t look quite right to me.


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