So, we continue on with the perspective of Dean.

Thank you to Rin, Rumble fish has evolved from fish to human and has now become Rin. Please thank Rin for editing on this fine day of april fools, Google wind was great.


Duke Daughter 71: Backstage From Another View 3


I’m grateful for his concern. His words are irreplaceable.

“Do not worry. Everything that will happen from now on will go as I had planned. I’ve decided on this since the time the King and Lady Ellia began to shun us: I will never become like my father.” (Dean)

“I am rather relieved to hear that.”(Ludy)

Ludy breathed a sigh of relief.

“To begin with, you had no reason to worry. My determination becomes stronger when I see her.”(Dean)


“An incompetent king will cause his people to die.  Because my father was blinded by his love for my mother, he was unable to save her from insidious plots and became an empty shell when he lost her. I feel only pity for my father.”(Dean)

That man became unable to move or think. He lost all will to live after Mother died, allowing Lady Ellia and her household of the Marquis Maeria to slowly gain control of the kingdom.

What was more foolish was that he married the woman who killed his beloved, my mother. He overlooked her crime and simply did as she bid him. In the end, he exiled me and Leticia from the palace. To him, my sister and I were just children living in the palace, unrelated to him.

If my grandmother did not take us in, then Lady Ellia would have already killed the both of us.

“The sight of her strong figure carrying the burden of the world on her shoulders but continuing to grow stronger has inspired me. That man who suffers from illness will eventually abdicate the throne. It is at that moment that I will use him to eliminate all of the parasites living off of this kingdom.”(Dean)

I will send them to hell together. Ever since that time, I no longer feel any sort of family bond with him. For me, my little sister, Leti, is my family. That is why I have no qualms about using my own father, the King.

Oh… I see… I understand what Ludy was talking about… How I have grown soft… I finally realized during our conversation that I… was a cold person before.

I responded to nothing. I was never amused by or interested in anything. No matter how many people die in this country from either war or starvation, they were only just numbers to me. I felt I would always be this way. The only ones I would care about were Leti, Ludy, and Grandmother. I can understand why both have commented that I’ve grown soft.

In addition, I also realized how important she has become to me.

I began to laugh.

“I will not become like my father. My determination will never waver, because the person who I hold dear is someone who can never belong to me.”(Dean)

“If your Highness wishes, the House of Armelia would be happy to arrange for her marriage. I think my aunt is pushing for this to happen. At some point, she will have to give up her position as lord to her brother.”(Ludy)

It is as Ludy says. The Armelia household has Berne, who is meant to inherit the lord title… But I can imagine her response.

“What of it?”(Iris)

She would be unconcerned, as she also has the Azura Conglomerate and has established some aspects of democracy in the governing of the fief. As a result, whoever takes over would not matter to her. She will probably find something new to work hard on.

“I love her, but she is someone who should be free to spread her wings throughout the world. I do not believe a cage like the royal palace would suit her.”(Dean)

That is the person I hold dear to my heart. The image of her standing tall, toiling, overcoming all obstacles in her way… Her eyes radiant and clear as the cloudless sky. The royal palace, with all its discipline and tedium, would make her lose that which makes her special.

“I will apologize to my grandmother later, but I have no intentions of taking her into the royal palace.”(Dean)

“… Is that so…?” (Ludy)



    1. Thank you so much Reika and Rin, i thought it was gonna be an April Fools chapter lol

      Anw, Dean changed so much after knowing Iris, so she’s become the most dear for Dean but yeah i agree with you, looks like Dean either gave up to be with Iris or still gonna take the throne..

      But, if Dean isn’t gonna take the throne the kingdom will definitely fall…
      I Think, Letishia will become the Queen in order to prevent that, cause Letishia loved her brother (and probably Iris when she know her)
      And this is only my speculation after reading this chapter and sneak a peak the raw 😉😉😉

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      1. No no no no..
        I think that in the end will voluntarily tell him that she will support him as the king as his queen (or something like that)..
        Knowing Iris, she most probably would find a way to spread her wings even then..
        Also, Alfred can’t give up the throne..
        Otherwise, he will become the exact person he hates..

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      2. They can’t, because remember they have hostile enemies beyond their borders if they demolish their monarch the country will fall of strives and will be invaded by other countries. if they want to demolish monarchy they should win the war first then demolish the monarch as part of war relief or after war rehabilitation or something like that.


    2. He might attempt to fake his death.

      Like say in a ‘final struggle’ the 2nd prince attempted a coup.
      “Supposedly” kill Dean, but later on Leticia gained support from the rest of his faction and triumph.

      Leticia then succeeds the throne, and Dean can proceed to work in the background (alternatively he can finally officially joins Azuta and work with Iris)

      p.s. It’s Azuta, not Azura.


  1. Thanks you so much for this chapter !
    Finally he sais that he loves her (Happy time) …But why is turn on this way ?
    Both of them don’t want become a couple (What a slow romance is it…)


      1. Well it is true. Maybe I should choose the word “complicated” instead of “slow”. Because, first, he doesn’t want take her in a palace so it must take a long time to have a new development. After, even if they loves each other, they scared of their sentiment. And to finish, she doesn’t want fall in love with anyone anymore.


  2. I apologize in advance for the tenses/forms of will/would have/had being all over the place this week. I haven’t really slept much lately.


    1. I told you if you were ok to do it, it would be fine just tell me, I would have asked someone else if you have been feeling bad, please do say so in the future, I can find other people for just some occassion


      1. Yeah. This is all my own reasoning though. Idk if the author actually thought about it while writing this.


  3. He says he wants to let her be free rather than bound to him, but loves her a lot. Let’s see how long that lasts. The current cover on NU already shows another man of the desert lands looking to do business with her, and maybe court her in the process as well.

    We’ll see if that will cause Dean to reconsider, or if this will end up turning him into a bitter person like his father, except to the opposite extreme (eternal rage and self-loathing instead of despair and self-loathing).

    Queen Dowager looks like she will have her hands busy trying to convince her less-idiotic grandson not to give up Iris. Moreso since SHE wants Iris in the family, come hell or high water.

    Also, it’s rather funny that Dean apparently forgot that Iris has the back of one of the strongest military forces in the Kingdom, not to mention, two of the strongest individuals period, who’ve both beaten back the top two aces of the Kingdom.

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    1. Actually, I think he is trying to take her feelings into consideration? He wants her to be free to do what she loves: building things and improving people’s lives in various ways (from eating chocolate to having a more secure financial future).
      What he has seen from her is reluctance to trust him and even aversion to spending time with him. I’m sure he very much noticed when she tried to put greater distance between them and when she tried to stop going to visit the kids together with him. She has also repeatedly expected him to flee when things have gotten dangerous or rocky. She doesn’t treat him the same way she treats people she trusts (Ryle, Tania, Moneda, i.e. her orphans) and he has even gone so far as to tell her it bothers him.
      I do think it is a refreshing (potential relationship) starting point versus the more widely seen “Oh, I love her, I will do anything to make her be by my side, regardless of her feelings!” Definitely not a main target in an otome game, haha. That being said, now let’s see how much harder he will fall. >.>
      Thank you for the chapter and congratulations to Rumble for evolving to the human Rin!


  4. Oh I’m glad of this development, I’ve sick of fast romance, forced marriages, arrogant male leads and stupidly swooned female leads as of late.
    This is why I always comeback to Japanese novels, from time to time they give me a breath of fresh air when it comes to romance development instead of the super intense, way too much flavour, so fast that it doesn’t even make sense and stuffy “romance” (more like lusting romance pfft)

    Love this kind of light but not side story romances, oh and thanks for the chapter!! I’m really glad this is here, other than kenkyo I haven’t been able to find much good, releasing light novels, I’ve been slightly sick of the Chinese, English and Korean stuff so to say lol

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  5. Aww~ You can really see in this chapter that he genuinely loves her, seeing that he is willing to set aside his feelings for Iris to be safe and free. Quite sad though to see that both loves one another but thinks that they can’t be together.

    Oh well, I’m still hoping for them to be together, DeanRis all the way!


    1. You make it sound like he took away her autonomy/choice in the matter, which he didn’t. He made his own choice not to pursue it actively. The other half is up to Iris, who hasn’t realized her feelings for him.


  6. he finally admit that he loves her…
    Even though he said that he wants her free and all but i think he should consult Iris about it first since by the looks of it, Iris is also falling for him.
    No matter what happens to them I will still cheer for Dean and Iris!


  7. Woah, a guy so completely selfless as to allow her to go free, he wants her bad but not to the detriment of Iris and her wellbeing! how commendable! and totally bs, he wants her bad, so bad he might give up the throne so he can follow her to the ends of the earth, whether it be as only and employee and his employer, or as she is tending to those children in the orphanage!.

    He is so totally owned by Iris that he doesnt see that what was once important no longer matters, not his revenge or anything, 😛 Id say he would attempt to resolve the situation in the capital with the sole purpose of keeping troublesome things far from Iris, including his retarded brother.


    1. If he gave up the throne, that would still mean he’s not caging her aka still letting her be free, which is still considerably selfless (to her) and commendable (his people will have a rough time, though).


    1. It isn’t like he’s making decisions for her; he’s just deciding not to make a move because he thinks it’s better for her. I’m sure that if it were clear to both parties that it was mutual, the ship would sail. He clearly supports her ambitions and individuality; I’m sure he would respect her opinion on the matter too.


  8. Well most empires are known to thrive on innovation to last, ioften discarding tradition and discipline.

    I’m sure Iris could run a nice little empire with her work ethic and values implemented XD.

    Better start work on that empire Dean!

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  9. Nooooo… Dean!! 😭 Will he rather set her free and and see her in the arms of another? I don’t think Dean’s a character who could actually do that 😑 So maybe that’s when the Arabian looking guy in the cover will appear? Is that what’s gonna happen? I mean he’s gonna be the king right? Might as weeeell tweak some rules here and there. 😂 Aaaand thank you for the update Reika and Rin!!!😆


  10. Thank you for the chapter! Nooooo, he admitted his feelings but then sunk the ship with a logical reason. If Leti is a decent person, I hope she will be queen.


  11. Thanks for the chapter!!
    Let’s see how long that determination of Alfred’s remain when the desert country guy appears (and most probably court Iris, too).. 😏
    Sure as one can be that neither Mellice and the Queen Dowager, nor Ludy, Lety, Louis, Gazelle, or any body else shipping those two together would let the matters slide..



    YES!!! 😀 i knew it!! ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ awwww Dean loves her!! and iris love him too!!! i can´t wait for iris harem!! :p


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    Is this chapter still part of volume 2?


  14. if alfred won’t take the throne with iris there she may just suggest abolishing monarchy and introduce them to voting and democracy. well…iris is from the future so this may happen in the future.


  15. Kyaaahhhh!!! He finally admit it!!! Omg I’m blushing so much. If iris only heard this, I wonder what she would say. But for Dean to think so ahead and still say he loves her is so romantic. Even though he doesn’t want to cage her in the palace and unable her to fly his afraid that she will lose her radiance and become dull so being let loose is much better.

    But!! Our Iris isnt that weak!! She is the type who never give up until things went as plan. She will do anything to complete her goals to proudly present herself from her household and to not let others down.

    So I’m sure that if she is face in a situation to either fall in love with Dean/Alfred or not I think she would go to Dean even though she is being threaten. Because love never fails if two people has mutual feelings.

    This is such a great way to end my night *sighs happily* thank you so much for the chapter ^^


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