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Duke daughter 70: Backstage from Another View 2

TLnote: Ludius Jib Anderson is Iris’s cousin on her mother’s side. So he is Gazelle’s grandson and future head of the Anderson family, Gazelle’s family.

“You seem to favor my cousin quite a bit, don’t you?”(Ludy)

While laughing and giving me a big grin, he asked . . . You sure find this amusing don’t you, Ludy?

“You have really big ears.”(Alfred)

“What? We are relatives. I do not need to investigate anything concerning her. I just have to send a letter, unlike you. Even though you only wanted a short-term contact, you visited her many times and greatly deepened the relationship between the two of you.”(Ludy)

He still keeps laughing and giving me that grin . . . Yep, he is enjoying this.

“I was really surprised. I heard you go to the orphanage with her many times and play with the children there. I do not believe I have ever seen you play with children other than Letisha. You have also spent more time with her in the office and even went out together to see the city while wearing masks. When I heard this from the people over there, I thought ‘is that the same person who is with me?’” (Ludy)

I try to trip him using my feet while we are walking and seeing him stumble brings a smile to my face. I understand what I did there was childish.

“. . . I do agree with you. I did only intend to see her only once.”(Alfred)

It began with just an interest in the rapidly growing fief of Armelia. I was very worried that the daughter was going to take command of the fief. I had seen her in school once, but my impression of her during that time was terrible. She had very bluntly insulted the Baron’s daughter Yuri Noire. Even though I understood why she had done it, there were other ways of handling the situation. Thus, even though I find my little brother quite foolish, I understood his decision to annul the marriage at the time. When I heard she had taken charge of the most important fief in the kingdom I was quite worried. Rather more importantly, what was her father thinking?

Even though I saw reports of the fief expanding and improving greatly, I thought it was because of someone brilliant taking charge and leading things instead of her. Thus, I infiltrated the residence to find the person and wanted to pull them to my side . . . To my surprise that person was her. I had received such a shock at that time, I felt my jaw almost dislocate.

“I have to say that it was funny. I never felt a burden or anything else when I accomplished something other people said to be amazing. I have also never been impressed by anything either. I could never find anything amusing . . . but when I am with her, I never feel bored. Her ideas are things I have never considered. The proposals she makes are things that shatter my existing thoughts . . . Every time I am with her, she brings about a new discovery. The days I am with her are days I never feel tired or bored. Truly never a dull day with her.”(Alfred)

When I started to notice her, I felt I wanted to spoil her. Even though I think weakness is not something that should be shown to others . . . She believes that having weakness itself is wrong. She became hurt by this, and just thinking that she felt hurt made me feel pain and want to help her again. These traits of hers are what make her lovely in my eyes.

“People, goods, politics . . . All of these things are work I have done at a desk. All the numbers that I see from the reports are just numbers to me, they mean nothing else. The human resources are just pieces on a board. You just should think of how to skillfully use them. However, after going to that land . . . I started to think differently.”(Alfred)

“. . . Yes, I also think that you have become softer than before.”(Ludy)

“You sure say it straight.”(Alfred)

“. . . That is also why I am concerned.”(Ludy)

His tone suddenly changes and his facial expression also becomes very serious.

“I believe the fact that you have become soft is a good thing for you. But I also believe that if you continue to become any softer, you will lose sight of your plans . . . I am just worrying about you regretting any decisions you may make in the future.”(Ludy)

“. . . What you say now and what you said before are contradicting themselves. I did not think you would say this right after you had thanked me for helping your cousin Iris out, Ludius Jib Anderson. “(Alfred)

“That is another matter entirely, I also believe that a person of her caliber would not be crushed by something like this. I am just informing you of my thinking as your aide, Alfred Dean Tasmeria.”(Ludy)



    1. Thank you so much for the translation Reika and the editing Axelia, you guys really MVP!

      Maybe its for people wondering Alfred name lol
      Now we know that Dean isn’t really an alias but also his name…

      On the other note, Ludy care for iris and dean is really sweet although Ludy is worried if Alfred will lose sight of plan but still..
      This chapter is solely why Alfred become ‘interested’ in Iris xD

      And the next will be Letishia incoming huh?
      *i read the raw but i still noobs so basically i’m rough guessing the story there (´・ω・`)

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      1. It sounds like both of them wants revolution, revolution requires a lot of blood, so the prince cant get all soft and give up midway or not only it will fail, but even more blood will flow because of it :p

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      1. same here. but we are reading dd. so don’t try to start something here, and this is a comment section! (PS cant’t can’t watch the video it says” it’s not available in your country:”)


  1. Thanks you so much for this chapter Kenkyokisshouinreika and Axelia too,
    Finally, we can see the thoughts of Dean regarding Iris :D. It’s wonderful ❤
    Thanks you again for your works,

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  2. It’s really nice to see and know Dean’s point of view about Iris and why he approached her and see how he feels about her💕

    Have fun on you trip and thaaaaank you so much for the chapter!! 😁

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  3. Thank you for the chapter! Dean is really Alfred, he does really care about Iris, and his plans will be hindered if he becomes softer? World Domination, anyone?

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    1. Perhaps this is a hint that for him to successfully secure the throne he plans to kill Edward and Edward’s mother? Or that he SHOULD have them executed after he wins to eliminate chances for a rebelion in the future. It seems Ludi is worried Alfred being any softer might make him lose his resolve to deal with them appropriately..?

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    2. I’m of the opinion that Alfred is looking to reform the kingdom on a grand scale, but his plan would be bloody. While he may have gotten rid of a fair number of easy-to-make-disappear parasites/pests, he still has to deal with the remaining corrupt nobles and officials that have some rank and authority, meaning that they have their own forces, and also have territories with innocents that could also get involved.

      Iris ended up becoming a humanizing element and something of a wrench in his plans; as he sees other means to upend the kingdom, and a reason for him to consider taking a less-bloody but even lengthier path. She also is just as hard-working as he is, but she does it from the front, rather than from the shadows.

      It’s also to his advantage that Iris also happens to be of the Armelia lineage, renowned for their top of the line soldiers in the entire Kingdom (often drafted either to the Royal Guard, Elite Guard, or Knight Military), and the fact that they’re one of the most influential of the neutral faction, not including her mother, who can influence politics in her own way just by picking the parties and circles she wants to attend.

      Given all that, he’d be more foolish than his brother to not have Iris on his side, and in the future, as his bride. Fortunately, he has his grandmother discreetly pairing the two of them up, not that either side knows it.

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  4. Well, all I can say is…who wants sweets? I’ve gotten too much. It’s kinda within expectations…in any case I wonder how’s the terrible excuse of a second prince doing in the wake of this revelation.

    Thanks for the chapter guys 🙂

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    1. Well, the employees he had brought over to his side from the Armelia fief are now pretty much forbidden from returning to the conglomerate, the new products she’s brought out now are making the copy-cats look less enticing and that’s gonna be another expenditure that’ll put the royal family into further debt–if there is any yet, annnnd… to top it all off, The queen did pretty much get told to sit down by the Queen Dowager after Iris brought up the Church’s accounting book and the two witnesses. So, yeah. He’s either having Yuri lick his wounds right now, or they’re trying to comfort Van now that his father’s under house arrest… Or ditching him.

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      1. Or Van is being ignored and kicked out of their group because they are “righteous people who don’t associate with people related to criminals”..
        I doubt pretty much that they are going to be comforting him after all this, judging by their behaviour so far..

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    SORRY FOR THE VULGAR WORDS THAT I AM ABOUT TO WRITE (and english is not my native language so i could have a lot of grammar mistakes -.-´´´´´´).

    Dear Dean:
    It´s the fault of the STUPID LITTLE AIR HEAD OF THAT BITCH WHOSE NAME IS YURI NOIR (i still FUCKING HATE THAT GIRL!! SHE IS JUST A WHORE!! D:< i mean, who in her right mind will try to snatch away a guy who has already a fiance?!! It´s just TOO UNFAIR FOR THE POOR IRIS. She really was in love with that second prince and suddenly appear a BITCH that try to seduce your crush!! THAT GIRL REALLY DESERVED WHATEVER IRIS DID TO HER!!!!
    My HATE for that girl is more big than the universe itself 🙂

    But Dean i will forgive you ❤ since you want to pamper Iris, it is all forgiven my sweetheart!! ❤ ❤ ❤

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  6. The author has a bad habit of introducing characters who are promiment very sporadically.

    Ludy has only had three appearances and his introduction was as a silent supporting character. This makes it hard for me to appreciate the dynamic between the two.

    Also who the heck is Leticia and why hasn’t she paid a courtesy call to her business tycoon/future sister-in-law/ future Queen/future Emperess?!


    1. Leticia is Alfred’s full-blooded younger sister (from the same mother and father)..
      She was once mentioned by the Dowager Queen when she was talking with Alfred, and said that Leticia was missing him because of his prolonged stays away from home..


      1. I am aware of Leticia’s family position… I was merely implying that she was rude and insignificant for not appearing onscreen and having a fluffy conversation(worshiping) Iris, her sister-in-law…


  7. So alfred is also in the same school with iris… but why iris didn’t know that dean is the first prince? Did he wear some face disguise?


    1. Nobody really knows what the First Prince really looks like, as he has been rumored to be studying abroad, while the truth was that he was attending the academy under another name..
      He must also have been keeping down, so that he wouldn’t draw any unnecessary attention..


  8. Thanks for the chap!!!!

    Now a peek pls to what’s happening in the Armelia House or whats the nxt plan if that Yuri Noire girl


  9. I think the reason why YURI NOIR is an airhead and stupid is beccause there’s no player to play as her so….yeah…..

    Well this chapter aren’t talking about YURI(hahah awkward)
    So,my question for this chapter are when did the first prince see her,did he go to school?
    And also can someone kindly Alfred dull name?

    ~Adios translator-san may you have a great vacation~


  10. Uh, I’m pretty sure her name is Leticia, not Letisha?? They were calling her by her pet name, Leti/Lety, just like Ludius is Ludy??? Leticia is a real name, too.


      1. idk, AmnesiaCat translated it as “Retishia” in Chapter 31, couldn’t find it in her glossary. But I’m 99% sure ルティシア is Leticia, barring the author saying different.


      2. Yeah, I think going for consistence is good. I’m pretty sure her name starts with an L anyway. The issue is with the ending I think, cos I think “シア” is supposed to be “cia” in English, at least in regards to pronunciation.


      3. Yeah you’re right, the pronunciation’s the same lol. It just bothered me since I’ve had her in my brain as Leticia all this time. Thank you for considering my feedback!


    1. Also Ludy and Dean were talking pretty informally to each other in this chapter, although Ludy slightly more polite for obvious reasons. Ludy was still using -masu endings, but was using “ore” for himself and “anata” for Dean, whereas Dean went straight for casual speech. But tone’s pretty hard to translate usually, so I get the oversight.


      1. I understand that, but I think that it more just japanese itself in that regard and also I feel for childhood friends should not be so formal with each other, so I went informal on purpose, it fits better with their background. even if their status is different


      2. Oh yeah, what I meant was that I thought the edited version still went a little too formal, lol. Since Dean and Ludy are comfortable with each other, but Ludy still uses polite-ish language just because of the status difference (prince > attendant).


    2. … I just googled it in Japanese, and apparently it’s translated as Lutetia/Lutéce, the old name for the city of Paris. Apparently I can’t read good and thought ル was レ this whole time. There goes my street cred. Fuck names.


      1. Yeah, I’m sorry for the notifications, I’ll just shut up now looool. Although the author still uses レティ as her pet name, so I’m still confused. Author pls.


  11. Can’t wait for more chapters!!! I truly love this novel, and your translations are top-quality! Thanks for bringing us this amazing story!!!
    What is Alfred planning for the future? It seems his original plan is something which disregards MC, as Ludy said he should not “become any softer” and that they missed an opportunity to lessen the power of the House of Armelia.

    Seriously, I like Alfred but hearing about the way he previously thought about MC made me so mad!!! I mean, he said his brother was right in annulling the engagement and he though she was not capable in handling the fief and afterwards that she couldn’t be the true mastermind behind her fief’s success… Good thing he totally lost face when he learned the truth!!! muahahah ¬_¬


      1. Reika-san, may I ask if there will be an update today? Thank you all so much for continuing this novel. More power!


  12. Really when dean has said that his impression of iris was terrible because she insulted the girl that stole the heart of his fiancé, I wanted to hit him. When you’re really in love it’s difficult to controll your own emotions. But what can you expect from someone so cold ? He’s really disappointed me. Yes he is good yes he helped her yes he wants to spoil her etc but I just don’t see chemistry between them: they’re TOO SIMILAR.
    And the thought of iris as queen doesn’t appeal me very much because I think it will just limit her , it will exhaust her with more work, more responsibility to be put at the end at the shadow of the strong personality of king Alfred.
    In the picuter of novelupdate there’s a boy with dark hair: I’m waiting to his arrival to hope to see some passion some movement some life because honestly our iris needs really a holiday !!! In her past life always work, in this life always work because of that she needs someone that let her relax not someone that like her likes working. However if this boy doesn’t obtain my approval too I just hope our sweet iris to be with her friends or better to say family to remain in her safe fief

    Another thoughts…
    Ah ai think that he plans to unify al the countries and that means war after war and here the importance of his ally Ludy.

    Berne is slowly getting better but I can’t like him: someone that doesn’t recognize his sister doesn’t deserve my repesct. I want to see how will finish van. And the so called knight deserved more beating from Ryle : a man that touches women doesn’t deserve to live. And about Edward I thinks he doesn’t need a punishment when we think who his mother and fiancé ard ahahahah I just pity him.


  13. Lol so he’s not bored or tired if he is with her. His boundaries expand as he spend time with the girl who didn’t impress him at school once but now he wants to spoil her and becomes hurts by some things that happen with her. He makes it sound like he already fell for her since Ludy or Rudy said that he has become softer, yet he denies it by logic and plans that he has set for himself. Oh Alfred just be honest man! She is your type who you will find very interesting and fun to work with. Your ideal women to be precise


  14. Rereading it and just realised that Ludy/Rudy is the cousin the grandson of General Gazelle! The one who shouted at him for drinking too much! How did I not realise sooner… different translations in name I guess.. he was called Rudeus if I recalled and it became Ludius.. sounds similar but I still can’t believe it took me this long to figure it out.


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