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Thank you to beautiful rumble fish for editing

Duke’s Daughter 69: Backstage From Another View

Editor’s Notes: I made a few stylistic alterations for grammar, flow, clarity, and, of course, flair. I also changed the name from “Ludy” to “Rudy” since Rudy is an actual western name (Rudiger etc). If you guys prefer Ludy, holler. Enjoy a satisfying treat. 

Footsteps echoed throughout the building

“What a magnificent prison.” (Rudy)

Rudy made a sarcastic comment and laughed.

“Well, since the Pope is being imprisoned here, it cannot be the same as where normal citizens would be held.” (Alfred)

“Your Highness… That mode of thinking is what created this sort of situation in the first place.” (Rudy)

I indicated to the guards at the entrance to let me pass. The Pope, under the pretext of being under house arrest, is living in this special prison.

“Who – who are –!! Ah! You are…” (Pope)

“The Pope’s face twisted in shock as he stared at me. It was so amusing that I couldn’t help but feel the corners of my lips raise.

“It has been too long, Pope Wilmotz Lutasha… Ah, I should correct that: former Pope Wilmotz Lutasha.”

I have to admit that I smirked when I said that. However, since I am happy to have finally excised one of the parasites clinging to this country, it should be permitted.

“… You—You’re the first prince, Alfred! Why are you here?!” (Pope)

“Why, you ask? Strange… I thought all of those machinations and foolish ploys were to get my attention. I was rather flattered by the gesture, so I wanted to respond to your call.” (Alfred)

Wilmotz gulped as he tried to restrain his panic.

“Lady Ellia and Marquis Maeria both cooperated with you and the matter was really getting out of hand, so I could no longer remain in the shadows. Their forces and mine are two competing powers in this kingdom. Although they have a slight advantage, it is nothing that cannot be dealt with easily. However, as soon as you joined their alliance, I could not continue to sit idly by and waited in anticipation for their next move, which, as it turns out, was to diminish the power of the Armelia house. Thanks to their idiotic plans of attempting to wage war on one of the most influential people in this kingdom, I did not have to step out onto the stage myself; the Armelia house’s daughter foiled their plan with ease. It was a result that truly surpassed my expectations.” (Alfred)

“P…please… Your Highness… I was only being used by Lady Ellia… To say that I was a co-conspirator is wrong… Please… Have mercy… “ (Pope)

I burst out in laughter when I heard Wilmotz’s pitiful voice. I found it comical that the Pope would be asking for clemency from a mere mortal. What a pathetic old man.

“I am ‘an easy opponent’… Was that not what you said about me?” (Alfred)

“I–!! I have never said anything of the sort! It was all Lady Ellia…” (Pope)

“Wrong.” (Alfred)

My voice was cold. It seemed he was quite intimidated by it.

“Huh?” (Pope)

“That merchant… Oh, what was his name? Oh yes. Divian.” (Alfred)

The blood from Wilmotz’s face drained, making him a deathly pale… I am truly surprised that this thing was able to scrape by for so long in such a high position of responsibility. I understand that the church works differently in their power struggles than we do in the Royal Palace, but even so… Such a weak creature…

“… Why…?” (Pope)

“So you were being used by Lady Ellia and Marquis Maeria… That is certainly plausible, but, were that the case, you would have stepped away after using your power to perform the necessary actions. Instead, you maintained your role, so I have to conclude that you had some other motive.” (Alfred)

“…” (Pope)

Wilmotz’s mouth opened and closed repeatedly like a fish out of water… His rebuttal does not seem to be coming.

“From the start, your aim was never to sully Iris… Well, it would not have required you to take such extreme measures if that were your sole purpose, so the purpose of all this has to be greater than just her. Your aim was to temporarily stop the Prime Minister, Louis, and have all political focus shift towards him. This would then allow Divian and that faction to move about more easily. By slowing down the supplies from the Armelia house and their influence, Divian would help spread your influence to other countries, and you were hoping to gain more power through those channels. Oh, you do not need to answer, by the way; your words have no influence.” (Alfred)

“If you have figured everything out already… why…?” (Pope)

“Why? Do you mean to ask why I am here? Why, it was simply to take advantage of the situation and to thank you for having self-destructed. Because of your actions, I was able to rid the country of many of our resident leeches.” (Alfred)

The Pope’s face distorted into another interesting expression.

“Well then. I have other business I must attend to. I hope you will find this room relaxing and comfortable.” (Alfred)

I turned and left the room with Rudy. Wilmotz crawled after me while shouting something unintelligible, which was quite annoying. I believe I left the room with perfect timing.

“You have worked very hard, your Highness.” (Rudy)

Rudy grinned at me.

“It was simply the perfect occasion to clean out corruption that was shielded by the faith. I could not waste such an opportunity.” (Alfred)

“No. I meant helping Iris.” (Rudy)

… Damnit. He really liked bringing this point up.

“Well, I did have her take the brunt of the hardships, so I have an obligation to help her in return.” (Alfred)

“No, you did not have any real reason to do so. In fact, it would have been the perfect opportunity for you to reduce the Armelia household’s power, but, in the end, you still aided her; in fact, you helped her gain even more influence.” (Rudy)

“… Do you have a problem with my methods?” (Alfred)

“No, no! Haha… I believe now you can consider the Armelia household and all of the other neutral factions associated with them to be on your side.” (Rudy)

Indeed. I have heard from the reports that many of the previously neutral factions have been trying to get in touch with me.

“Obviously, my reason for saying that was to thank you for lending a hand to my cousin. I really do appreciate what you did, your Highness.” (Rudy)

“… I did not do it for your sake.” (Alfred)




  1. Hey who is Rudy aga- just kidding, I read the comments! 😛

    This character’s accounting knowledge is actually up to par, which is both awesome and frightening. Double-entry bookkeeping was a huge innovation in business – moreover, the entire world still uses it today. Yes, it’s more universal than the metric system.

    I’ll be curious what will happen if a plague hits the world. Or a crop failure. This is a medieval world, right?

    Also, what is Yuri still? Is she a witch? Is God looking down to her and mind-controlling everyone to help her? Is this still an otome game and a game dev is making everyone love her?

    Also can’t wait to see when/if our protagonist Iris introduces the world to the plow, printing press, or eyeglasses. Or maybe, since she’s a math nerd, the wonders of geographical drawing (astrolabes, almanacs, etc).

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Another thing! If Iris hasn’t introduced this entire continent to the wonders of adopting cats as pets (vs. keeping cats semi-feral in the granaries/barns) within 3 chapters I WILL BE DISAPPOINTED.

      Liked by 2 people

    2. I think Iris is a spy from a foreign country here to reduce the power of the country.
      Seducing people would be part of the job.

      However is Dean the first prince alfred?


  2. Of course Alfred didn’t do it for Rudy; he did it for himself! Also, because securing her as his eventual wife means his life will never be boring, and practically secured.

    After all, as long as they both end up happy, he’d have full backing of the Armelia household and its mighty military force, in addition to a competent wife who not only keeps him entertained in various ways, but is also capable of managing internal affairs while he deals with external affairs and threats.

    Liked by 5 people

  3. I hope you’d release these 8 chapters all at once!!! (You could… perhaps… post them even if Shiro does not come back plz? Although I also strongly wish Shiro comes back so we’ll have even more amazing chapters to read in April!!!)
    Anyway, Can’t wait for more chapters!!! I truly love this novel, the author and the translators/editors are amazing! THANK YOU SO MUCH! 😀


  4. I forgot who Rudy was until I dug inside my brain just to remember that he was Iris’s cousin who drag her grandpa back home XD

    And now that Iris’s company is back again by his help oml I can only imagine what the future would be. Iris with her knowledge from a different world and with her math knowledge + Alfred (Dean) with his vast influence and mysterious character who secretly support Iris and pretend to never care for her but only using her to pass time. I seriously like guys like Dean ahem, I mean Alfred who acts like this. Now I’m shipping them more and more.

    Thanks for the chapter ^^

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Just to tell you but in the official LN art Rudy is actually Ludy because he’s named Ludius. No matter how you go about it, since they printed Ludius on the art itself, that makes it canon and official even if it might be a poor translation does it not?


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