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Edit: sorry forgot one thing, during the end of march and the entire month of April there will be no chapters as my final exams start then and I do not believe I can do it then, I will try and see if I can just stockpile the chapters for you but otherwise there maybe no chapters. of course this is under the assumption that Shiro has not returned
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“Priest Ralph. If you are in charge of the investigations, then I have no worries. However, I would like you to investigate one more thing.” (Iris)

“What would that be?” (Ralph)

“The flow of funds.” (Iris)

“If by that you mean what the capital gained from the sale of the chapel in the Armelia fief was later used for, I had already planned to investigate it. “

“There is that, but there is another aspect of that money I am worried about.” (Iris)

“What do you mean?” (Ralph)

“The funds obtained from that sale was great in amount, and, in addition to that, the Church receives donations from many nobles throughout the kingdom. Given the amount of money the Church should have, I was surprised to hear that the Church was begging my mother to attend their events in order to gain more donations. That degree of desperation implies a lack of funds or perhaps something more insidious, don’t you agree?” (Iris)

“That is…” (Ralph)

“If you are planning to fully investigate this case and properly regain the peoples’ trust, then please consider adopting a policy of complete transparency. As a member of the Armelia house, I am not opposed to donating to the Church. My mother will naturally assist with that now that my innocence has been proven. However, if the Church continues to conceal facts and crucial information even after the events of this case, then history is bound to repeat itself in another fief, country, or otherwise. How could continued secrecy be considered atonement for what has happened? (Iris)

“I understand your concerns, Madame Iris.” (Ralph)

Priest Ralph seemed surprised by my proposition. I wonder if he thought I would not bring such a thing up or if perhaps this was not discussed in the “meeting” he had with a certain individual. Either way, it is of no consequence to me, as I have no intention of holding back my opinion.

“I have learned many things while operating the Azura Conglomerate. To be specific, I saw something regarding the flow of funds among my conglomerate’s records. Mr. Wilmotz, how much is your annual income?” (Iris)

“To ask such a thing from a servant of God… How unbecoming of a noble…!” (Pope)

“I would rather not ask such a thing, either. However, since this question is relevant to the case, I am asking about it. The records we have at the Azura Conglomerate show the number of goods that you purchase from my company is equivalent to that of a highly-ranked noble. Is the Pope’s salary that high? Priest Ralph, should such a thing be possible?” (Iris)

“No. There should be no such thing.” (Ralph)

“Well… Then, Pope Wilmotz, where have you obtained the required funds from?” (Iris)

“!! W-what impudence! To suggest that I have stolen from the people…! I have done nothing of the sort!” (Pope)

I never explicitly said he was taking money from the people. However, it was becoming apparent to other nobles based on his words and reactions.

“I cannot prove that you have embezzled money from the current available evidence, which is why I am requesting that Priest Ralph include this in his investigation. Priest Ralph, could you please conduct a thorough investigation of this matter as well?” (Iris)

“I will do so with all my power.” (Ralph)

“Are there any other inquiries you would like to make, Iris Lana Armelia?” (Queen Dowager)

“No. That would be all, your Majesty.” (Iris)

I bowed to the queen and withdrew.

“Well then. We will now closely monitor all priests of the Church. The Cardinals and Pope Wilmotz will hereby be under house arrest until the investigation is concluded.” (Queen Dowager)

“…” (Pope)

The Pope looked like he wanted to say something, but, in the end, did not utter a word. I had accounted for the possibility of him presenting evidence that may overturn the ruling, and thus prepared another trump card. However, it seems I did not need to use it. I was filled with anxiety, as I did not expect this to end so smoothly. It feels as though this went too well…

Either way, I succeeded in making Pope Wilmotz and the Church the target of investigation; I met all of my objectives.

Thus, the inquiry met its conclusion.



  1. Short as f…, but HOT DAMN!! Best girl Iris is on fire!

    I cant say how much I love this female MC and how grateful I am to the one who found this. Also, a big thanks to those who translates this!

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  2. There’s always corruption in every big organization and this church is one of them. Good job Iris. Now the people’s fund won’t be mistreated. Thanks for new chapter


  3. Dannnng Iris got him good. Something tells me she’s gonna need that trump card soon, but for now /victory/.

    Thanks for the chapter!!


  4. One pope down 😀 But I wonder what other unscrupulous things will be found hiding in the background perhaps some leads towards the hostile country that is manipulating events abroad?


  5. tx for the chapter
    and i think the pope is done for …
    normally the Church would not lets themself down because one scandalous priest, the priest would be removed as the Church escape the crisis with a little damage
    but making enemy out of the Church … unless she can make Ralph next pope…. or not, Iris is in very bad relationship with a huge religion …


    1. As things stand, there will probably be an overhaul of the leaders as well as how the whole system has been run. In the previous chapter, Iris mentioned in her thoughts that the Church is under a constant veil, and their actions are always hidden. In order for the church to heal from this quickly and to save face, they’d been to lift the veil completely at this point. With Ralph at the helm, that’s likely, but given how too easy this was, something tells me this just managed to pry the Second Prince Party and the Church apart from their petty alliance. That, and what’s this going to do to Van’s reputation as the son of the Pope?

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      1. change their way in doing things would be too much to hope for… even in her old world, there were/are still alot priests, monks, religious officials take the donations for themself
        the case would be treated as the pope misused the donations, made a mistake in judgement with lead to the destruction of a church and stained the Holy God/Goddess reputation.
        the Church is never at fault


    2. Well from what I can see, only the higher ups of the church (the pope and cardinals) are under house arrest, and are the most affected by it all..
      The rest of the priests are fine, and perhaps might not even care what happens to those four as long as they themselves are not implicated or dragged into the mess..
      If they did have any dissatisfactions, then they would be directed towards the pope, who was the start of all this, and who deagged the face of the church through the mud with his greed, even using an innocent noble (Iris) as a scapegoat to cover his misdeeds..
      Which in turn resulted in the current situation..


  6. A complete knocked out!! Damn right it should be!!! Cheers to Iris!!! And thank you so much for the update!!!!!!~ can’t wait on what’s gonna happen next. Tbh 😊


  7. At this point, a Reformation, and possibly a Schism may be needed for the church to regain trust in the people. With luck, the latter can be avoided, conflicts between religions tend to reduce the faith of those caught in between.

    I find it rather boorish to use religion as little more than a prop for villainy. Furthermore, I find it rather boring that most series rarely use more than a single religion with a single denomination.


  8. Guess the only question now is whether the Pope will put up enough of a fight or not to require the trump card. If only churches in the real world were held as accountable for their actions.


  9. I’m just rereading this part since I don’t remember what happen XD

    But I wonder what Iris’s other trump card was?


    1. Well, judging from Tanya’s work of regarding earl Monroe, that should be the trump card. But I doubt that the author would introduce such character as if he was only a supporting role of the whole case, but who knows?


  10. That trump card should be related to that Monroe guy, huh. Kinda pitiful to be brushed off just like that, as a side character….or is there possibly a deeper meaning of it? We’ll see


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