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TLnote: I put priest christopher in the last chapter but I changed to Ralph because the author uses that name more, I put Christopher because it is a much better name than Ralph

Editor’s Note: FYI Priest Christopher is also Priest Ralph, in case this confuses you.

I produced a book browned and worn with age.

“—No… That is…!!!!” (Pope)

Most people were unaware of the significance of the book I just took out and began to ask about what it was that I was holding… All but two people, of course.

They were Priest Christopher and the Pope, since it is expected that they’re familiar with this document.

“All the priests of the Church know what this book is; it is a book that contains the names and signatures of all of the servants of the Lord.” (Iris)

Even if it is the Church, they are still an organization. Priests do not live on holiness alone and need money to support themselves and their families. As such, their transactions must be recorded. This book is a book of accounts and contains the names of all who serve the Church.

All of the priests’ names are recorded here, including the one I corresponded with regarding the chapel I demolished.

“This book also contains the names of those who signed the contract, those who I made inquiries to, and those who I questioned regarding the matter of the chapel. I was surprised to find them in this book and to discover that they were such high-ranking members of the Church.” (Iris)

“…. Why?! You… Are… You…!” (Pope)

The Pope stared wide-eyed at the book, and his eyes seemed as though they would explode from their sockets.

This was my decisive piece of evidence. No matter what other evidence I could bring or even if I could convince the entire nobility to side with me, this was the most crucial. The Pope and Lady Ellia would not admit defeat if the evidence were not this conclusive.

Thus, this evidence will silence them all.

“I have no idea how you obtained that, but, as Her Majesty indicated earlier, this may have been falsified unless you can show something that proves it to be a genuine article of the Church. If not, then continuing this discussion is pointless.” (Priest Ralph Christopher)

Priest Ralph Christopher said this even though he was the one who provided me with this book. It seems he feels this will be my victory. Lady Ellia took the bait Priest Ralph Christopher set out almost immediately.

“Priest Ralph’s words are right. We must determine whether this document is real.” (Ellia)

“If it needs to be proven as genuine, then may I ask Priest Ralph to determine its legitimacy?” (Iris)

As I said that, I approached Priest Ralph with measured steps. No one attempted to stop me as I handed the document over to Priest Ralph.

He quickly leafed through the pages and looked intensely at the last page.

“… This is…” (Priest Ralph or Christopher)

Then, as if surprised, he returned the book… I must say that this person is an excellent actor. I wonder why he became a priest instead of a politician…

“Yes… This is without a doubt a document of the Church.” (Ralph)

He muttered and trembled as he spoke. His voice carried throughout the room and every priest began to gather around him… Really… Even I do not have this level of acting ability.

“Why can you…?!” (Priest A)

“Here. You may verify it as well.” (Ralph)

At his words, he passed the book to another priest. This passing of the book continued for a while until it finally reached the hands of an elderly sister.

“Quickly tell us if this document is real or not.” (Ellia)

Her hands began to quiver and her face contorted in anger. Now SHE is a horrible actor.

“Yes, your Majesty… This book contains on the last page the seal of the Cardinal and the Pope. These are both special seals that cannot be made without special materials known only by the Church in order to prevent forgery of important documents like this one. This document is indeed genuine.” (Elderly Sister)

The Cardinals’ and Pope’s seals. There are five cardinals and one pope that make up the highest-ranking members of the Church.

“It is as she said, Lady Ellia. This document is real. Furthermore, I believe all will be solved after hearing the testimony of these two individuals.” (Iris)

At my last word, the door swung open and two men were led in by Ryle. They were the two priests… or should I say, “former priests”? We used the full extent of the Duke of Armelia’s power and found them by exhausting Tanya and  her vast network of connections.





    1. I’m more frustrated with the Author for making the chapters shorter! I swear they felt so much longer earlier on!!! Keep up the great work guys.


  1. Things are getting better. I have to admit the payoff part of this arch is pretty good due to the absurd injustice of Iris’s excommunication. Thanks for the chapter!


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    I appreciate you all taking what little time you have to TL out chapters for us to read, keep up the good work. Look forward to the next chapter. And Happy Valentine’s Day!

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  3. Sometimes it’s important to clarify that you have a life, and readers will often get excited when cliffhangers unexpectedly drop, but when you find yourself in a situation where you feel compelled to insult your readers and their lifestyles while touting your own then that is a warning sign. If you do not enjoy what you are doing then admit it to yourself so that you can take the steps that lead you to happiness rather than pursue self destruction. If you are having fun with all the novels then that is fine, but caustic remarks tend to indicate dissatisfaction brewing within.

    Egativity reciprocates and feeds off itself. While it’s highly likely that some has been directed toward you, when you respond to it in a imilar manner that’s when it’s poison sets in.

    Regardless thanks for the chapter.

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    1. I do agree that we shouldn’t insult readers. I am also single and don’t have a date and am female, so…

      HOWEVER, the reason why I do this is at all is because I enjoy it. (Who would do this for free if they didn’t like it?) It’s really off-putting when you have people complain about the speed of releases or your work, because they make you feel like you owe it to them; it saps the fun out of it. It’s the entitlement that I respond negatively to, and I feel that it is more than fair to express displeasure so at least they are made aware of what they are doing in case they were doing so without thinking.

      So yes, the insult shouldn’t have been there? But if we want to complain, I think it’s more than fair for us and any translator/editor to do so.


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      1. Yeah sarcasm is hard to bring across through text. Guess you can just put up *sarcasm* after. Or you can type out really outrageous stuff and then imply the joke after by saying something real. Kinda like…..


  5. Hello, I have been a silent reader of this series since before the time you started translating this.
    In my opinion, you have full right to scold us because you keep getting complaints while the only reason majority of us is able to follow this series is you. Like many others, I can’t read japanese at all. Without you, I wouldn’t be able to enjoy this series. Take your time and live your lives. I think after your “rant” people will once again remember that you are living, breathing humans like we other readers are. Thank you for your work, I really appreciate it.


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    He quickly leafed through the pages and looked intensely at the last page.

    “… This is…” (Priest Ralph or Christopher)
    *camera pans over his shoulder*
    On the last page was written, “Be mine?”



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    1. OH MY GOSH HAHAHAH… I would have died. I think everyone would have collectively froze (especially Iris’ dad) but I would have loved to have seen how that priest preformed his Oscar level acting in that situation, hahaha.

      I didn’t have a date! But that is because my anniversary with my boyfriend was a week ago and celebrating more feels excessive. @.@ I would rather just have a very nice dinner date for my anniversary, haha. Far easier to get reservations too! 😛 Still, I wish a Happy Valentines Day to all who celebrate or would like to celebrate it (especially Reika and Rumblefish for giving up time when they were so busy)!

      I really appreciate everything you guys put out! I get super excited every time I see a new chapter. Kinda like “Is there a treat..? No? Okay… I will check again tomorrow!” XD “Treat..? AAAHH!! It is there!!” So thank you for always being a day brightener!


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      1. Sorry for flipping out like that too.
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        And thank you for being so understanding.


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    As a person who studies a bit of Japanese on the side, I know how hard it could be. T^T
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