DD 61: The speech from a certain citizen’s perspective

Thank you to Rumble fish for editing the chapter

Dusk was usually when most people would be crowding into taverns, but, today, everyone was heading towards the newly built church. I know the church is new, but I feel like there’s a bigger reason for this.

As I head towards the church, amongst the masses of people, I see many nobles and influential people in their carriages or walking with their guards, including the presidents of large companies and the village chief, moving in the direction of the church. There are also commoners like me. I especially notice outsiders from the capital among the crowds.

I was able to arrive early and get a seat inside, because I live rather close to the new church. The new chapel is large, but, even with its enlarged size, it could not hold everyone who was coming to see what was going to happen. There were people looking in from the windows and the doors were left open to allow people who couldn’t find a seat in the chapel to see the events.

The declaration from the Church that our fief’s lord was excommunicated from the Church was hard to swallow and made everyone, including me, anxious about the future. I heard that today the lord would explain why they were excommunicated, so many of us came to listen.

There is another reason why people are here: a rumor about the orphans at the nearby orphanage. Rumor has it that the lord protected the orphans from slave traders and bought the old church from them in order to give the orphans a place to live. I, myself, have met those orphans and their caretaker, Miss Minae, because of my job as a merchant. When I heard that rumor, I went directly to Miss Minae to confirm it. However, whenever I went and called for her, she was never there. I talked with Miss Minae and the children rather often in the past, so when I heard the rumor, I felt both anger at the slave traders and sadness. I do believe it to some degree, as I understand that someone must have helped them, but whether or not our lord did it is iffy. My impression of the lord is that they wouldn’t go so far as to help children at an orphanage.

While thinking about these things, I saw a priest at the altar kneeling and praying to god. At the same time, the sound of the pipe organ echoed and a beautiful melody started playing. I felt my heart beat with its melody.

As the priest began his prayers, we all joined in.

Shortly after, the sermon started.

“God loves all of his children. God wants all his children to be understanding of one another. By helping one another, one can live a life with dignity, and by accepting the love of god, one can show humility and live with pride. God has taught all his children the value of the connection we have with others.” (Priest)

The soft and kind voice of the priest rang throughout the chapel.

“However, God also helps those who are willing to repent for their sins. God cherishes all his children and bestows forgiveness to those who repent and rectify the mistakes they have committed. We as God’s children must see with hearts unclouded and judge that which is evil and that which is just. We must reach out to those who are truthful and right and offer help to those who have wronged. I pray for those who have committed sins to accept the love of God and atone for the error in their ways.” (Priest)

After the priest finished his prayer, the chapel became noisy and tense. Were these words directed at the lord of the fief?

As the priest walked away from the altar, we thought the ceremony would be over. However, a girl took his place.

She was wearing a pure white dress with no decorations or designs. Rather than being called a dress, it was closer to a nun’s habit. But, even while wearing a plain white dress, her figure was so beautiful that any man would immediately fall for her.

“Hello, everyone. I thank you for coming to the opening ceremony of this new chapel.”

Her voice was clear and, as she bowed, she fit the image of the perfect lady… I feel like I’ve seen her somewhere before…

Who is that woman? Murmurs ran throughout the audience. I also heard someone call her “Alice”… the origin of that voice was from a commoner like me.

As if she heard our questions, she answered.

“My name is Iris. Iris Lana Armelia. I am the daughter of the Duke of Armelia and the acting lord of this fief.”

As soon as she named herself, there was an uproar… Well, of course, there would be. This person was excommunicated by the Church, so her presence at the new church was a big surprise.

“Everyone, I am aware of the question you must be asking now: Why am I here in this sacred place of God when I have been excommunicated? Please do not worry. I have received permission from the priest, himself, to stand and speak before you all today. I ask the same of all of you as the Father before did. Please, everyone, listen and decide what is right and wrong with a heart unclouded.”

Her voice, atmosphere, and tone were dignified. She seemed like a being of the chapel itself. When she started speaking, the noise and whispering stopped, except for the whispers of just a few people on the side.

“Our fief is rich and the people follow the teachings of God with all their heart by treating one another with love. But not all people accept these teachings and not all people can receive them due to the circumstances of their environment.”

She clasped her hands together in prayer and raised her voice slightly.

“I met such people; they are the orphaned children. These children were blessed for some time with a servant of God who cared for them – a sister that taught them the teachings of God and the world. But, as with all life, this beloved servant of God left this world and returned to our Holy Father. Since the land was unpaid for and seeing as no one visited the chapel anymore, the Church sold that land. The children were then left to fend for themselves. The people who bought the land were fiends and rejected the teachings of the Holy Father. These children, who were innocent and undeserving of such cruel treatment, were left in the hands of those fiends. I know that many of you here know these children and can agree that they are all pure and wonderful.”

Throughout the chapel, I could hear people saying things like, “I know them,” “those children are wonderful,” among other things. I also feel that way, since I know them well.

“That we did not notice the plight of these children earlier is our sin, but after having discovered their circumstances, I could not turn a blind eye; The teaching of our Holy Father obligates me to protect them.”

While she spoke, she started to gently shed tears. The sight of her right now is as if God had painted her himself.

“I do not want to repeat the mistake of not having noticed their predicament sooner. Thus, in order to keep them safe, I decided to construct this new chapel. These children are the key to our future – they embody my determination to keep the future for everyone here brilliant. The Church declared that my sin was the demolishing of a church, but I did it to help these children and keep the future bright for all of us. Is that wrong? Should I have abandoned the Holy Father’s most important teaching that we help one another? Should I have left the fiends to vandalize the forsaken church? Would that have been the right path to take?”

Her tone of her voice suddenly became full of sorrow and a mixture of other emotions. I felt my heart throb with her words. If what she said was true, then what is a sinner? If she is a sinner, then everyone else in this world would be a sinner, right?

“I am but a humble and pious disciple of God… However, I am also a lord who must protect her people. God is watching and giving us opportunities to better ourselves, but these opportunities mean nothing if we do not reach out and grasp them to obtain happiness. God does not send us happiness but gives us opportunities to pursue it. Everything depends on our actions and will to act. Those who think that evil is unavoidable and take part in evil behavior are wrong. Those who see evil and wrongdoings but do not act are also wrong.

There are many people here who knew those children, who treated them well, but did not notice the trouble they were in – Even I did not notice their dilemma until it was almost too late. I am but a single individual; I only have two eyes, ears, hands, and feet, and there are but few places that these feet can walk to nor things my hands can grasp. However, I have people who support me as a lord and I have the support of you fellow children of God which allows me further my reach and help those in even the most remote of places. I beseech you: help me protect you. Help me protect the weak and help those in even the darkest of places. Help me give those people a richer and healthier life. Please… lend me your strength.”

As she ended her speech, a few claps resounded through the room and grew until the applause became a roar. I could even hear clapping from outside.

I felt that, if I follow this person, we could live a better life. If it is this person, then, no matter who the enemy may be, she will pull us through hard times. I do not have any evidence, but I felt this in my heart. The atmosphere of the chapel became much better, and I felt that hope was in the air.

“… I bestow upon you the blessing of our Holy Father.” (Priest)

The priest blessed the lord of the fief and, as she kneeled down to receive his blessing, the priest placed his hands on her head. She then stood up and turned around to face us with a smile.

I thought from the bottom of my heart that I was glad I came and caught a glimpse of her.


  1. If I had said that, I would have washed my mouth with soap! Too over the top and too much sugar coating, but what can do when the people are incapable of thinking outside the boc and lack knowledg?…

    Thx for the chapter!

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      1. only lvl 8? i would think it is at counterstop vlv atleast if not breaking the counter.
        dam that was a great speech but knowing some inside will make the readers see her as manipulative but hey that is what is needed in any time and age for a leader


      2. I didnt get the joke?

        I do know it was necessary to say it, but being able to say such things so passionately. When you dont even believe in it, is quite cringeworthy


    1. That is the language of the pulpit xD If she didn’t say it that way, she’d lose out on empathy points for sure. Also, it’s the ye olden times, cut them some slack, Iris understood this.

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      1. The Church tried to excommunicate her to kill Iris’ swelling influence. They’re unlikely to pull back when she is turning the tables and reinforcing her position in the fief (and capital! remember the nobles) to this extent. If they show the wisdom to pull back and cut their losses, things might end with her excommunication retracted; if they push onward, that’s going to hurt them most of all.

        Not that I expect the church to realize this. Thank goodness the fief’s got Iris’ back and a standing army!

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  2. Don´t! She is tricking you! She doens´t pray to anyone but science!
    Acting Fief Lord needs to know how to act…way to go Iris!


  3. Iriiiiiiiiis waaaah….what a wonderful speech. Thank you for the awesome update as always Shiro 😭😊 waaaah….I’m just curious on how things will turn out now l…after that amazing speech of her. Hopefully this will restore Iris’ reputation and her conglomerate.


      1. I blame the site name.

        But yes, thanks a million for the updates Kisshouin-sama. And for hosting them, Shirotl.


  4. Thanks for the chapter! So, the local priest has pardoned her, but what does that mean towards the head church? I have a feeling we will be going on another trip soon.


  5. Thankee very much Reika!!! 😀 😀 😀 I absolutely love this series and thank you so much for all your hard work! :3 now, back to Iris pov and the conspiracy of the bakarina ‘MC’ :3


    1. Can we not insult bakarina here? She may be a black hole, but never would she propose to fire the kingdom’s army. Not to mention the large chance that this fluffy heroine isn’t stupid at all…


  6. Now comes the question of how willing the church is to risk a schism by excommunicating the priest. Threats to the unity of the church are not to be taken lightly, and can lead to the diminishing political power of religious institutions as a whole.

    “Excommunication is a medicinal penalty intended, above all, for the correction of the culprits; therefore their first duty is to solicit pardon by showing an inclination to obey the orders given to them, just as it is the duty of ecclesiastical authority to receive back the sinner as soon as he repents and declares himself disposed to give the required satisfaction.”
    –Wikipedia article on Excommuication

    Well gee, that sounds as if the church was supposed to, at the bare minimum, hear Iris out. While the church could have gotten away with ignoring her and pretending it heard nothing, with this very public display, the church has to make some response. I wonder if iris can manage to get a trial in ecclesiastical courts and win.

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    1. When the church (in our world as well as here) was at the top of its influence, their word was God’s word, which is like law but better. If they say you’re bad, you get stoned.

      And then there’s characters like the Crimson Scholar* and Iris Lana Armelia who play the public without breaking doctrine. Really, #1 church mistake: giving charismatic enemies a stage to address the people.

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      1. Technically, the highest punishment a church was supposed to be able to lay on a person is excommunication. actually executing someone for heresy or some other religious crime is typically something done by the laws of a state.

        In this case, the destruction of the church would be construed as some sort of blasphemy. some sort of statement or action that insults or otherwise disrespects God. Iris could claim that her actions were done in good faith, even religious crimes require intent, but the church could make an argument of whether or not she presumes to know the will of god and should that be contrary to the church’s orthodoxy…

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    2. My biggest fear is her getting outed as a reincarnate somehow. Medieval world saw stuff like that as demon possession. And since she only just got her memories back and started acting “like a different person” as her own father said, that’s even more proof then if she had them all along. It’s literally the guillotine over her neck.


      1. She’s actually not acting gat much differently than her early life. It stated that many actions were taken, such as adopting orphans, at an early age.

        She has been very consistent with her image as a fief lord. Refraining from rough language yet keeping her resourceful personality throughout most of her life. Wether she was aware of reincarnating or not.

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    1. Now, channel some Iris and look at this objectively.

      If the Church obediently pulls back and reinstates Iris, what gain does she have by taking punitive measures? She can’t afford openly opposing the Church on her own initiative, because people would stop following her. She also can’t afford to force the Church into attacking her, since even subjugating the kingdom’s army with her own would leave everyone vulnerable to invasion.

      Depending on how capable the Church proves itself after this, Iris might have to get political with them to ensure this kind of issue doesn’t happen again. I don’t think there’s cause- nay, gain to take further action after that.

      What SHOULD be done is killing a certain prince’s fiancé and her mother so they can’t cause this kind of trouble again. But that’s for later.

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      1. There’s lodes of ways of shaming a religion. Framing a religion. Condemning a religion. Our world is an example of it all. She was a modern world Japanese, so I guess she should know about it. Though its rather tiresome and difficult and on occasions terrorist mentality… Gains are huge none-the-less.


      2. well, you should remember that the religions survived the time not just because they are strong , after all a certain Church crowned Napoleon to Emperor to keep their head…
        in Iris case, she is just a commoner in churchs eyes when the other side is prince who could be rose to king . However Iris gained back her people support thank for new built church and her appearance which turned out familiar with her people. Would Church willing to upset their mass prayers for a Prince that is not crowned as next king yet ? I bet Church will pull back as Iris gave them a way .


  7. Thanks for the chapter!
    Well done, Iris! As clever as always.. 😏
    With a public explanation of her circumstances, the corrupted people within the Church can neither now pretend that they didn’t recieve any explanation from her about demolishing the chapel, and subsequently come up with their own conclusions, nor can they twist any explanation she gives them and then give it out to the public as it suits them..


  8. Thought she would reveal herself as Alice to help fix this mess (You all know me personally I would never do this) but I guess that little speech was enough. Though the priest’s recognition probably helped.


  9. Did any obe of you guys ever play “Crusader Kings”? I say now is a good moment for Iris go “Bizantine” on the pope. Damn her Granps wold be a outstanding Patriarch!

    All Hail the Basileia! Bexaise… Devs Vult Muda***ar!


  10. I just discovered this series yesterday and I instantly fell in love with it! Without hesitant, I started binge reading all the chapters until the latest one (no regret staying up all night woohoo~) My huge thanks to everyone providing the chapters and I really appreciate Reika making time to work hard translating this series 🙂 Bless everyone and wishing all the best working on this project!!

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  11. Before the church leadership (the corrupt ones) double down to start some sort of religious purge in her fief, I hope that the first prince makes some sort of statement (with the support of his mother). Hopefully he can maintain his secrecy as to his appearance as well as cut the legs out from under the church. I cannot imagine the church attempting to go against the rightful heir to the crown. To do so would invite the guillotine. In any outcome, there will be a number of rapid promotions of church staff as many senior positions would unexpectedly become vacant… lol


    1. first prince is not only the rightful heir for the throne and i dont think he could do some thing as extreme as chopping priests since you must never be make foe with a religion, its more than pain in the @55… At best, after teamed up with Second-hand prince (poor Lily, she were so poor to get her own brand new prince) to banish Iris, Church would step back with an apology( which would likely not happen since she is just a commoner with abit high standing/background)


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