Character Page Annotation

Starting from top-right, downwards then leftwards

  • アイリス・ラーナ・アルメニア : Iris Lana Armelia
  • ターニャ : Tahnya
  • ディーン : Dean
  • ライル : Ryle
  • メリダ : Merida
  • ラフィエル : Raphiel
  • ディダ : Dida
  • レーメ : Rehme
  • ミモザ・ダングレー : Mimosa Langley
  • ユーリ・ノイヤー : Yuri Noir
  • ヴァン・ルターシャ : Van Lutasha
  • エドワード・トーン・タスメリア : Edward Tom Tasmeria
  • エルリア : Elria
  • ドルッセン・カタベリア : Dorussen Katabelia
  • アイーリャ・フォン・タスメリア : Arya von Tasmeria


  1. Thanks a lot for the pics! I always wanted to see them yet didn’t know where to look T.T but now I’m overjoyed! =^.^=
    By the way, are there any pics of the 3 vol? As far as I know, the 3 vol is already out.


  2. I can only remember some faces. The princess, the maid, the librarian, the father, the mother, and the butler. The others… Well, the guys look like they are drawn similar to some Yaoi type of art so I didn’t bother remember them.


  3. Ahh, these are awesome!! Thank you very much for sharing these~ I can’t help fangirling over illustration 6… Dean and Iris in a church talking to a priest XDDD Okay, I KNOW there is no way they would get married THAT fast, but I still want to squeal over the image ❤ Also the picture with Dida totally trouncing Dorsen is great!

    Liked by 3 people

  4. Thanks for the illustrations!! 😍😍
    Though some of the events illustrated were not in the web novel.. 😕
    Like Iris and Berne dancing, or Dorsen being with Ed, Yuri and Van at the party..


  5. I’mma call it right here and now. Correct me if I’m wrong, please, Shiro, but… The one on the Character sheet, between Van and the Dowager Empress (Ed’s Grandmother), is Edward’s Mother.
    -Drum Roll.-


  6. Is there a chance to get the English names to the people in the character sheet? Doesn’t need to be a picture edit. just a list from left to right or something like that ^^


  7. Thank you so much for continuing to share DD with us ❤ your work and every translators' work before you has seriously inspired me to buy and support this LN! I love it so much and I just bought the three volumes off of amazon jp so merry christmas to me (and to you if you celebrate it! otherwise happy holidays~)

    I can't wait for more, and someday I'd like to be able to read Japanese on my own in order to appreciate other amazing stories like DD 🙂


  8. i really really really appreciate the hard work and dedication 😀
    the illustration of iris crying and Dean (cof cof Alfred cof cof) hugging her it melt my heart!!!! it is freaking lovely!!!!


  9. There’s so many changes between WN and LN version, start from Iris dance with her brother to Iris cry while cling to Dean. And the most big change is the swap of the Ryle who beat Dorussen in WN to Dida in LN, I wonder why but I also like that change since I like Dida.


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