Hello I am sorry for the wait, final exams and all.
Thank you to Rumble fish for editing.
ED Disclaimer: the Church is the actual organization, whereas, “the church” will refer to the old dilapidated building that was sold to Iris & co.

… My head is spinning.

After being bombarded by so much information, I now have a headache. I massage my temples and pore over the documents.

After being notified of my excommunication from the Church, I gathered all the pertinent documents related to the rebuilding of one of the churches within my fief and gave them to Sebastian. The church had been so disheveled that it would have cost a fortune to have it repaired, so I purchased it at double the price and began efforts to rebuild a new one elsewhere. I had even consulted the Church before submitting the documentation required to have the church rebuilt. But before even conducting this process, I have made a visit to the Church but was refused at the doorway.

But, even after having jumped through all the necessary hoops, they have not rescinded the excommunication order.

“… How magnificently they’ve managed to sacrifice us for their own gain…”

“Yes. I used what connections we have to search for the priest who sold us the church building, but was unable to find him. I believe his affiliation with the Church has been severed and the letter Milady sent regarding the church’s demolition was ignored by the Church. I feel that… even if you possess the power of a duke, the Church will be able to limit the amount of information we can obtain. This will, no doubt, be a difficult investigation, Milady.” (Sebastian)

“Well, if we could find the priest of Kudan, we would be able to deal with this issue swiftly, but…”

I cannot just tell them to release all of the information we’ve gathered about the Church members. For Sebastian to regretfully say that he was unable to obtain information… I’m impressed that he was able to get this much information in such a short time, at all.

“How is our fief’s situation?”

“Although it has only been a few days since we were notified of the excommunication, anxiety amongst the people is rising rapidly.” (Sebastian)

“I thought as much. What about the merchants?” (Iris)

“There have been several merchants who have quit or suddenly taken a vacation. Fortunately, others who value their work more highly than reputation chose to remain, saying things like, ‘Work is much more important than some Church decree!’ We have been able to maintain our current level of production thanks to these devoted individuals.” (Sebastian)

It makes sense, I guess. For those who are unaware of the circumstances surrounding the demolished church, it would appear as though I demolished it without permission, and I would be someone who committed a crime against God.

It can’t be helped if some merchants quit or fled for their own safety.

“Trade has declined as well. The effect this situation has had on the fief is terrible.” (Sebastian)

The fief adjacent to ours just declared an increase in tariffs and trade restrictions to dampen our economy, requiring us to pay to sell within their fief and pay to cross their borders as well.

Because of these new regulations, businesses who are based in my fief are suffering heavy losses – just being based in my fief puts a business at a disadvantage. I have to solve this problem soon, or we will end up losing all the help we’ve received from various businesses.

Of course, this is also a problem for the Azura Conglomerate. I, who am the head of the conglomerate, have been officially deemed a sinner, and, now, people are wary of our products.

Additionally, we now have to pay increased taxes since we need to ship things directly to the capital.

Prior to my excommunication, I have not only received complaints from the nobility about the rising prices of our products, which I have attempted to assuage, but also from the common people.

There was also the issue of decreased sales of our products due to price increases caused by other companies poaching our store employees, especially from stores that are in the capital or experience a high amount of traffic. The loss of employees culminated in reduced production and our sales have declined from the resulting price increase.

That is why similar, if not the exact same, knock-off products had been cropping up in the markets. It wasn’t as if I didn’t anticipate that something like this would happen and prepare countermeasures, but with my excommunication, my preparations have been rendered useless. Now, since my excommunication has tarnished my brand’s image, people are more likely to buy these knock-offs from seemingly more reputable companies.

“… I look terrible …” (Iris)

I looked into a mirror in the study, and saw my appearance. The light from my eyes has disappeared. My hair is unkempt and my skin rough.

As someone who originally lived my previous life in Japan, I think that being excommunicated from the Church isn’t a big deal… But, in this world, the Church is a powerful organization.
The influence of the Church reaches far and wide.
There is also the absolute name and authority that is God; the power of the House of Armelia pales in comparison.

It is impossible for us to negotiate with the Church, as they are an organization that wields absolute power and have long seized the hearts of the people. Even reaching out to approach the Church is difficult, as I am now a “sinner”.

Because of my excommunication, the second prince’s faction has been taking this opportunity to harass my father incessantly, and any event that my mother was supposed to appear at has been cancelled or her invitation rescinded.

I try to look up.

Ow, my head hurts….If I try to stand I get dizzy.

It has only been a few days. Then again, it has been a few days.

I have gotten almost no sleep lately, as I have been trying to keep up with the developing circumstances and think of countermeasures which we would then discuss and alter to match the current situation.

This is a battle against time. I am growing quite impatient, and I have been under extreme duress every single day.

I look back down, and immediately felt that my vision would grow hazy if I tried to turn around.

Just a bit more… A little more, and then my preparations will be complete. Though, even with said preparations, I am doubtful that I will be able to overturn this situation. The anxiety dwelling in my heart keeps asking whether this is a good option or not. Shadows have started to creep into my mind. My opponent this time is too powerful. If I had more time to prepare, I could … No, even if I had predicted this, I would have had no other options.


  1. Wow, this updated while I was rereading the last chapter! And increased my nervousness even more.. o.o Poor Iris! That really went from bad to worse. No quick fix for this, it seems 😦 And thank you very much for the chapter, Reika-sama! I just finished my finals last night so this was quite a nice treat today~ ❤

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      1. I doubt that will happen, I like this novel alot and I don’t see the story going downhill anytime soon. I posted on my site my criteria for translating. it is a simple criteria I have to like it, only when I stop liking the story will I quit. and no time soon is that happening

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    1. Follow the example of the Church of England? Declare independence from a corrupt organization. Get some sleep. Take a break and visit the orphans.


  2. Will she hand over control to her stupid brother? and go into seclusion operating behind the scenes? I doubt very much that she will start some kind of conflict, this would cause to much upheaval and hurt them more in the long run.

    I wonder what she will do 😦 poor Iris 😦

    Thank you so much for the translation!


  3. She was too lenient and too peaceful in her business, probably coming from the fact that she lived in a peaceful country. She should have kept a shorter leash and make the nobles and the Church hierarchy dependent on her. Just my opinion though.

    I can’t wait to see how this unfolds, hopefully soon and for the better. This is like that time when Lawrence (Spice and Wolf) almost ended up a slave.

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  4. Thanks for the chapter!!
    Religion is the biggest problem of even the modern society. So for the medieval period, it’s understandable of its influence. It’s becoming amazing. She now should dig at the church’s corruption, their loose libido if any and target all their wrong doings and make them public. That always works against big shots of religious outfits. It’s worked a lot in my country.


  5. Thank you for the chapter 🙂

    Honestly, unless if the first prince pulls a deus ex machina, I’d say that her best bet is to take the church to trial. The charges would be theft and slandering a noble / noble family.
    Based on the reforms she has made, she should have a bill of sale from when the church sold her the land. Also, she has all of the plans ready for building the new church.
    With this evidence, she can force the church officials into a public setting and force them into a dialogue. At that time, she can bring up the fact that the church never contacted her about the charges against her and that they refused to allow her to explain herself. Doing this, she can make the case that the church is undermining the authority of the king by punishing nobles without trial.
    Sure, the church can say “there is no record of that priest”, but they can’t explain why they never allowed her to explain herself. She can conclude her argument with the fact that the church has turned into a threat to the kingdom, if their actions are allowed to stand.

    All in all, she can’t do anything unless if she forces the church to negotiate. Of course, this is probably the story arc where the pope’s son finally gets reprimanded or he finally starts seeing the light.

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  6. Thanks for the chapter..
    Yep, the Church reeks of corruption all right..
    So, in the end, the priest who sold the church was the corrupted one..
    Even taking double the real price with him and disappearing (no doubt after recieving even more money from the Second Prince’s faction)..
    Also, the Church are seriously behaving like brats afraid their mistakes will be exposed..
    They commit a wrong act, and then refuse any proper investigation and discussion regard it..


  7. Reiko ~ please don’t be sorry.

    After such Long wait. This little bit of waiting is nothing 😁

    I’m so so thankful that you and Shiro are translating the series!


  8. Politics and Churches aside, maybe this is just Iris’s fate. Ya’ know… One way or another maybe she HAS to fall badly, seeing as she is ment to be the Villaness Noble Lady and all… But of course if she got out of her first death flag then she can get out of this one. Even if she needs help from a ‘little someone’ 😉


  9. Yeah she screwed up not investing more into military and transferring more ideas that were of military nature to this era. It didn’t have to be just gunpowder, could’ve been other technologies that support existing military directly. When you have a strong military and strong economy, you don’t get pushed around easily.


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