1. If you don’t mind, could you at least post V2 images that are not spoilers if they are already over what’s been covered up to now? Then just release the rest as they no longer become spoilerific?


      2. They truly are the feat to the eyes! I really appreciate that you actually scanned these in. I have all 3 volumes and just can’t imagine de-binding them haha. Thank you for this!


      1. I think the names on that specific picture are switched. I remember cat commenting that they actually swapped them to be correct on her site. (If you look at the smaller character list, the names are correct for Ryle and Dida)


    1. For some reason when I look at your profile pic, I feel your comments are sardonic, I mean look at that evil grin! I hope I’m misguided. Sorry if I affened you.


      1. Lol. The most used characters are probably better designed and has better personality? The personalities differ tho to make an interesting story :3


    1. The serious looking guy with the lighter colored hair is Ryle, while the brown haired guy with the perpetual lax smile on his face is Dida.


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