Hello I am Fuyuki or Reika whichever you prefer and will be helping out translating this novel.
Thank you to rumble fish for Editing.

Two weeks have passed since I returned to the fief.

The investigation regarding the bandits is still ongoing, and I have almost finished looking over the documents that required my approval. Whenever I had free time, my mind would drift back to what Dean said and my mood would turn foul, hence I was fully concentrating on the job.

Today, I finished my work early, so I was heading to the library to take a look into the information sent by Father.

The library, though in the mansion, is located in another building different from which I reside in. Upon entering the atrium room, I was welcomed by lines of bookshelves so tall that they nearly reached the ceiling, which are brimming with various books.

“Oh, Milady? It has been awhile since you last came here, hasn’t it?”

As I entered, I saw Rehme.

“So this is where you are today, Rehme.”

“Yes, I came here since there are no classes scheduled for today. More importantly, what brings Milady to this place?”

“I am looking for information on the Reubens House.”

“You mean the House of Reubens the Duke? That is quite an unusual name I’ve just heard.”

“A Duke House? Why is thus name so unfamiliar…?”

“That is to be expected. It is a house founded by a prince of several generations before, with no fief to govern and only has a mansion in the royal capital. The last time they were a topic of interest was nearly thirty years ago, I believed.”

“Thirty years ago… Does it have anything to do with the Towair war?”

“Yes, you are correct. Since our country won, Towair sent a princess to marry into the royal family – however, at that time the former Queen was the one in power, plus the crown prince was too young for marriage and the couple’s large age gap made them not a good match. Furthermore, if the Towair’s princess was taken into the royal family or a house having close ties with royal family, there would be problems regarding succession to the throne. Eventually, the House of Duke Reubens was singled out as the appropriate candidate. Their line would never ascend the throne unless the main line disappeared, and they certainly did have royal blood running in their veins… such were the circumstances surrounding the Reubens House.”

…In other words, the current House of Duke Reubens have connections to the country of Towair, and thanks to the Duke’s introduction, Miss Yuri Noir’s mother was accepted to be an attendant in the royal palace. It is difficult to refuse someone with a reliable letter of introduction from a Duke House, especially when hiring servants requires sifting through a large pool of unknown applicants.

Even though the princess of Towair was forced upon them by a royal decree, had the duke rejected because of that, their reputation would surely be damaged.

Since we are talking about Father here, I’m confident that he has used the situation to his advantage and sent someone to monitor them.

Well, in any cases… the loose ends are connected to each other somehow. This is taking a turn for the worse. In short, the odds of Yuri Noir’s mother having ties with Towair is quite high, and for Miss Yuri Noir herself to be influenced by her own mother – perhaps – is also a possibility not lightly disregarded.

After considering all evidences presented, I was strangely convinced of this conclusion. However, as Father had said, this is not my battlefield. To involve myself in political conflicts between nations is not something a lord of a fief would do… much less an acting lord I am. Especially at the time when one must secure a firm foothold, if I were to concern myself about such things, I will lose what I have worked hard to gain so far.

“Is there anything wrong, Milady? You are looking extremely pale.”

“…I was just thinking about various matters, but I am fine now.”

Yes, I am fine… I think? If it was Father, no doubt he would have collected further information and started fielding some countermeasures already.

If there is one thing I feel bothered by… I guess that would be about her existence. For argument’s sake, let’s assume she truly is a spy from Towair then. To come to the point, her plan has succeeded since she has been engaged to the second Prince… but if she hadn’t, what would Towair do? I am sure there is no way they would gamble on her plan only, and if they did scheme something, they would have settled for alternatives besides her. Also, for a spy, her methods stand out too much unlike how a real one always trying to keep a low profile. Perhaps, my mind has been spoilt too much by the spy novels I read in my previous life? Regardless, her behavior does not match up with that of a spy for another country.

As I was thinking of this, I heard the pounding of footsteps approaching closer and closer. Then the door flew open with a bang.

“Be quiet in the library-!”

Rehme angrily scowled, but that expression lasted only a moment as she was taken aback by those making their ways in.

I turned my gaze to the people who entered and…

“Milady!! We have an emergency!!”

Sebastian and Tanya, who rarely lose their cool, are now looking desperate.


  1. Next time, on Duke’s Daughter:

    There’s going to be action!
    “Stop them! They’re trying to steal my recipes!”
    *Michael Bay Explosions in the background*

    And even more action!
    “I will not allow them to steal my recipes!”
    *Even more explosions and some death screams*

    There’s romance!
    “Iris, marry me.”
    *Flowers blooming in mid-air*

    And even more romance!
    “W-wait! Don’t bring your face any closer! I have to stop the recipe thieves!”
    *Sounds of smootch attempts, a sudden whack, and the falling of a human body can be heard*

    The mystery reincarnated woman as… The Duke’s Daughter.
    “OhmygodI’msorry Dean! But my fief needs me!”
    *Rips off her dress, revealing military attire, assumes a Commanding position, and mobilizes the entire fief’s military might*

    Disclaimer: The preview contains elements that may not be in the final product. Viewer discretion is advised.

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  2. Wow, another update so soon!! So awesome~ Thank you very much Reika for joining in on the translations ❤ I can't wait to see what Sebastian and Tanya are so worked up about o.o Bandits? A ploy from the queen…? Did something happen to Dean on his way back?? (was it 2 weeks on contract and then 2 weeks off?) Can't wait to see XD


  3. Aww what a cliffhanger!!
    Anyway I just read the previous chapter yesterday and there’s already a new chapter… Thanks Shiro and Reika!


  4. Thank you for the update~
    And the mystery began…with the so-called ‘heroine’ as the center of it. Let’s see of what conflict will happen next. Hopefully there will be more Dean x Iris between..or maybe a happy ending for them 😁😁


  5. About Yuri, maybe she IS a spy, one who is hiding in plain sight..
    By doing conspicious things like stealing the Second Prince from his fiancee, surrounding herself by the sons of high-ranking VIPs, and then making all those moves that result in uproars, she is diverting suspicions from herself, because just like what Iris thought, a spy would never do things with huge impacts like these..


    1. Yuri may be a spy but not even knowing she is a acting as a spy XD
      Maybe she tells everything to her mother, as mother-daughter talk, and her mother ask her favors or give her ideas like ask the prince this, or spend money on this, and later asks how did it go.
      Yuri would think they are good ideas and would follow her mother’s will, after all she (is an airhead) should not be the type of person who plans ahead too much or think about the consequences. And her mother would get all info she needs and do whatever she is planning XD
      Well, Im blaming all on her mother, but it could be someone else :p anyway she could be just an easy to use fool XD

      Thanks for the translation!


      1. That may be true, and as much as I want her to turn out to be really a retarded airhead (to satisfy my vengeance against Ed by him turning out to have married someone like that and missing on our amazing Iris), but her being cunning makes other things surrounding her make more sense imo..

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  6. I want a showdown with that slut Yuri, I want boxing gloves sweat and spittle flying, I want her bald and stomped on by our princess!! slap that dirty spying bitch slap her!

    Jump on that shitty prince and stomp him for good measure as well, then let all our precious princesses friends stomp over both of them. Theyre traitorous bastards so its deserved! then once theyre sentenced make sure theyre punished every single day of their lives!


      1. Well, the novel actually started (and Iris regained the memories of her previous life) at the last scene for Iris in the game, so basically what comes after is uncharted territory, not mentioned in the game..


  7. Thank you thank you so much to Shiro n Reika!!!

    That cliffhanger!!! Nooooooo ~~ now I can’t wait for e next chapter!!

    Also, why do Iris get annoyed by e confession? I wonder if she is merely in denial.


  8. “Milady!! We have an emergency!!

    Dean is outside on a white horse holding a stack of paperwork in one hand, as well as a small black box in his other hand!”
    “Did he say what the documents are?! Are they confidential documents of the fiefdom?!”
    “*gulp*… he says it’s merely a contract for his long term employment to our fief…”
    “hmm?… Why doesn’t he just give that to me personally then? Furthermore why are you treating this as an emergency?”
    “… his… his…. demands are…. that you accept… the black box in his hands…”


  9. I don’t get it, why is she suspecting Yuri a spy when she already played the game as Yuri?
    She should’ve known her background story.

    At some point it felt like the author forgot about the setting where the MC’s world is from an otome game lol


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